Pain for Melbournian renovators as timber prices soar – here’s how to beat it

Considering renovating anytime soon?

Timber Shortage Causing Huge Price Hikes & Crazy Delays For Aussies Renovating Their Homes In The Coming Months 

Here’s how to beat it ….

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Guido Vanderwal

Director of Reliable Building and Construction.

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Hi my name is Guido,

I’m the director here at RBC, and I thought of putting together a quick article to discuss how Melbournians who are considering renovating their homes, could potentially beat the timber crisis that is set to sweep the nation.

If you haven’t heard already, timber price hikes are set to soar in Australia. 

The unprecedented demand for fresh timber and lack of, is due to a combination of COVID related shipping delays and  high demand for new builds/renovations in major markets across the globe.

Although the true spike in price hasn’t hit Aussie shores yet, many in the building game are gearing up for what could be a rough few years….and you should to.

In a recent article published by the ABC, JP Morgan timber industry analyst Brooke Crawford said “We believe shortages could significantly influence housing construction in Australia at the end of 2021 to 2023.”

So just how much could Aussies be up for once the spike hits?

Well,  Master Builders chief executive Denita Wawn stated “We’re now seeing shortages of both labour and products, especially timber. It’s putting a huge amount of pressure on the supply chain as a whole and prices are set to increase by up to 20%.”

This announcement has already caused panic within the industry with many ‘larger scale’ home building and construction companies stock piling timber in warehouses.

Leaving the shelves empty for smaller companies and DIY aussies who shop at their local timber supply. 

So what does this mean for you and your future renovation plans? 

Undoubtedly, your home will cost significantly more to renovate.

A quote you receive today could have an additional 5% to 20% within the next three to six months. 

The size of that increase is something that will be determined by two things:

  1.  How severely impacted was the renovation company you choose to work with.
  2.  How well they’ve prepared for such a price hike.


But what many Aussies will feel to be more frustrating than the price hike, is the delays their projects could face if supply chains continue to tighten.

So what’s the answer for those who are wanting to renovate their homes in the next 6 – 12 months?

Well there are ways in which we can help…

Being in the building and construction game for over 30 years, has allowed us to make some truly great friends in the timber supply industry.

And doing what great friends do,  they warned us that this ‘Timber Price Hike’ was going to happen way before it did.

It gave us the opportunity to put contingencies and plans in place to counter the price hike & the delays that are set to occur in the coming months.

So we were able to put together an exclusive offer for Melburnians who are wanting to renovate their homes named Beat The Price Hike With RBC.

This offer allows you to lock in today’s prices for a 6 month period, so you can avoid paying extra for timber.

No matter what the price hike is…. 5%, 10%, 15% or even 20%, we can help you avoid it all costs.

All you have to do to is – Grab a quote (either on our website or over the phone) & tell us you want to “Lock in today’s prices”.

Hurry this offer won’t last long – we expect our calendar to fill up quite quickly.

I hope you found this article to be helpful.

We can’t wait to renovate your home! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Picture of Guido Vanderwal

Guido Vanderwal

Director of Reliable Building and Construction.

Grab A Quote & Lock In Today's Prices